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Vox Joe Satriani Satchurator Best Distortion Pedal

Vox and Joe Satriani joined forces to make a one-of-a-kind distortion pedal in the Vox Satchurator. With many subtle nuances in the design and some innovative features, the Satchurator will enhance your tone while playing nice with any other effects you have in your chain. A great distortion pedal to consider adding to your pedalboard arsenal!



  • Gain – Controls just how much distortion you throw on your signal. This knob is what makes the Satchurator worth its salt. At twelve or one o’clock, this knob adds some really sweet gain without getting noisy. In a live setting, dime the knob and play around with the “More” switch for some really dirty tone.
  • Tone – The Tone control on this pedal mostly affects the treble end of the signal, which is a great design feature for a high-gain distortion like this one.
  • Volume – Adjusts the volume output. Because this isn’t an overdrive pedal, this knob should be used simply to keep your output signal steady rather than boost a signal to your amp.
  • “More” switch – This footswitch come in handy for those live situations where you want just a little more gain to punch through the mix. Even with the Gain knob cranked all the way, this switch gives just a little bit more high end to your tone.
  • “Pad” switch – If you’ve worked with dynamic pedals, you’ve probably noticed that feeding one into a distortion or overdrive pedal can do some unsavory things to your tone. Satriani noticed that unwanted effect and had Vox add in this switch to help the Satchurator work better with those high-gain pedals. Play around with this setting if you’ve got more than one pedal on your rig with this one.

Power – Uses a 9V battery or a DC power supply.


Sound – When adding this pedal to your rig, keep in mind that the Satchurator is a true distortion pedal and not an overdrive. This pedal is designed to color your tone with a distinct distorted flavor, not boost your signal or send your tubes into a naturally distorted overdrive. That being said, the distortion itself sounds amazing. It’s very musical and doesn’t add a lot of noise to your tone. Combine it with a clean amp to keep the true distortion of this pedal pristine.

Innovation – When Vox and Satriani came up with this pedal, they kept it very simple as far as the knobs are concerned, but added two really useful tweaks in the “More” footswitch and the “Pad” switch. “More” allows the guitarist to add a touch more gain with their foot, giving you the perfect edge to cut through the mix at any given moment. The “Pad” switch effectively allows other high-gain pedals to play nice with the Satchurator.

Compatibility – The “Pad” switch alone makes this pedal one of the best choices for distortion. With it, you can use that wah-wah pedal you’ve been neglecting without worrying about its effect going through another high-gain pedal and wrecking your tone.

Durability – This pedal is built to go on the road with you for a lifetime. It’s constructed solidly of metal and pretty heavy to boot.


No True Bypass – This pedal is designed with an input buffer instead of true bypass. The reason is so the signal doesn’t lose strength or tonal quality as it passes through, but it is worth noting that your signal will be affected by this pedal no matter what.

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