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Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Best Overdrive Pedal Review

Voodoo Lab has created one of the most versatile overdrive pedals on the market in the Sparkle Drive Overdrive. The Sparkle Drive provides everything from a 100% clean boost to the gritty wail of a vintage TS-808. Its unique ability to layer clean and overdriven amp sounds makes it a perfect fit for any tone setup you choose.



  • Gain – Customize the saturation of your clean signal with this knob. The signal goes through this control before the Clean control, so you are able to throw some dirt on your tone, then blend a little of the dry signal back in to keep the attack strong.
  • Tone – Controls the cleanliness of the saturated signal. Be careful here, as it can make your signal a little boxy when not properly attenuated.
  • Clean – This knob makes for a unique feature in an overdrive. Combined with the Gain control, you can essentially “stack” two different effects on each other to customize your drive. With this knob dimed and the Gain knob turned down, the pedal becomes an effective clean boost, allowing you to use your own amp’s grit for color or cut through the mix for a solo.
  • Volume – Controls the wet signal output. Combine with the Clean control for a boost, or the Gain knob for screaming dirt.

Analog – Voodoo Lab doesn’t play around with effects models, and the Sparkle Drive is no exception. Expect true clean boosts and natural overdrive from this pedal.

True Bypass – Don’t want this pedal to affect your signal all the time? No worries here. The Sparkle drive is true bypass, so it stays out of your signal when you don’t want it.

Handwired – Tone purists rejoice: Voodoo Lab takes time to handwire their pedals, giving a decent “boutique” experience for a good price.

Power – Uses one 9V battery or 9V DC power supply.


Versatility – Sure, an analog overdrive pedal is not usually the most versatile pedal on a board, but the Sparkle Drive is about as versatile of an overdrive as you can get. You can make it work as a Tube Screamer clone or a clean boost, or blend the two effects for some beautiful crunch not easily found on other overdrives. Its analog nature also allows you to combine it in a chain with other overdrive pedals in whatever capacity you need for the situation. The Sparkle Drive has the capability to be a jack of all trades (as far as overdrive/boost is concerned) for your tone.

Durability – The Sparkle Drive is handmade from metal components, so rest assured that this pedal will work consistently no matter how much you put it through the wringer.

Price – This pedal provides astounding quality for an amazing price. A used version will still be worth its weight in tone, and new will ensure that you get a five-year warranty that you probably won’t ever have to use.


Size – This pedal doesn’t take up all that much room on a board, but it is worth mentioning that it is slightly bigger than the average pedal. That being said, it will be worth your while to make room on your board for it.

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