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TC Electronics Toneprint Hall of Fame Best Reverb Pedal Review

The TC Electronics TonePrint Hall of Fame packs all the reverb options you could possibly want into one small, sturdy pedal. From slightly sweetened tone to huge, stadium-like echoes, you can find the setting you want in its myriad of in-pedal options or the TonePrints available online. With the plethora of options available at its price, this is one of the best reverb pedals on the market.



  • Decay – This effect adjusts how long the reverb lasts. Higher settings will get some feedback loops started, so watch out. It’s your best friend on the Hall, Room, and Church settings.
  • Tone – Brightens or darkens your tone, and adjusts the dominance of the effect on your signal (depending on the selected effect).
  • FX Level – Whichever effect you have selected, this knob adjusts how much of it is thrown on your dry signal. Some of the effects will wash out your attack completely when this knob is turned all the way to the right.

Ten Reverb Effects – Choose from Room, Hall (one of the best Hall models I’ve heard), Spring, Plate, Church (like a really echo-laden Hall), Mod, LoFi, Tile, Ambient, and Gate effects, as well as hundreds of TonePrint settings available online.

TonePrint Technology – You can download other users’ custom settings directly to the pedal via USB. There is also the option to beam a TonePrint from a smartphone directly through your guitar’s pickups to the pedal, making it all the easier to change your tone on the fly.

Stereo Input/Output – Allows you to send in an already-split signal and keep it that way, or split a single signal into left/right channels. Great for ambient pads.

True Bypass – This pedal will stay out of your signal when the Hall of Fame is off, so don’t worry about unwanted buzzes or hisses.

Power – Uses one 9V battery or a 9V DC adaptor to power.


Versatility – So many reverb options are packed into this one little pedal that if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you probably aren’t wanting a reverb effect. The TonePrint Feature alone will keep you tinkering with your sound for days.

Ease of Use – For the number of options available in this pedal, TC Electronics has made it extremely user-friendly to access them all. Everything is intuitively designed for quick plug-and-play use.

TonePrint – This is easily TCElectronics’ best feature in their equipment. When you’re having a hard time tweaking the knobs just to where you want them, you can look through the TonePrints and possibly find one that nails the reverb you’re looking for.

Casing – TC Electronics’ pedals are some of the most streamlined and best-built foot pedals in the business, and this one is no exception. The Hall of Fame is durable, easy to operate, and has easy access to the battery compartment should you need it.


Redundancy – The Hall of Fame has thousands of options for reverb, which is great if you don’t know what kind of reverb you want. For the experienced player who knows exactly what they want, however, this pedal will have a lot of extras that just won’t get used.

Sound – The Hall of Fame does an adequate job of emulating most of these effects, but it really only earns its keep if you use multiple effects in a gig. If you only need one or two reverb settings, a dedicated reverb effect pedal may be the way to go.

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