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TC Electronics Corona Best Chorus Pedal Review

The TC Electronics TonePrint Corona is a very versatile and fun chorus pedal. It has all the normal chorus pedal options, but with the added benefit of TC Electronics’ unique TonePrint feature. If you want to save some time on dialing in one more pedal’s effects to just the right spot, the Corona will make it as easy as plugging in a USB cable to your computer.



  • Speed – Controls how fast or slow the chorus effect fluctuates.
  • Depth – Lets you set the intensity of the chorus effect.
  • FX Level – Choose the amount of effect applied. Let the effect sit quietly in the back of the mix, or crank it all the way to washing your tone completely.
  • Tone – Essentially an EQ knob for the chorus effect that ranges from dark and low to bright and punchy.
  • Chorus-type Switch – Choose from a regular chorus effect or a broad, warbling Tri-Chorus effect. This switch also lets you go into the downloaded TonePrints you may have on the pedal.

TonePrint – This is the coolest feature of TC Electronics’ pedals. You have the ability to go to their website and download other player’s tone settings directly to your pedal. The number of options on the website is staggering, ranging from at-home tone junkies to big-name guitarists like Joe Perry or John Petrucci. This feature is addicting to play with, so get ready to spend some time on the computer searching for sound.

True Bypass – The Corona can send your dry signal through unaffected if you don’t want it in the chain, and rest assured it will stay analog.

Stereo Input/Output – A handy feature to have if you want to send your signal to two separate chains, or use this pedal at the end of two separate chains.

Uses one 9V battery or an outside power supply (not included).


Sound Quality – TC Electronics makes mostly digital pedals that do a solid job of modeling their intended effects, and the Corona is no exception. If you want shimmer, you’ll get shimmer and not “faux-shimmer.” Whatever this company is doing on their circuit boards works, and works well.

TonePrint – The TonePrint feature on most TC Electronics’ pedals is pure genius. Tired of tweaking knobs for hours or days to find that exact setting you heard from your favorite guitarist? All you have to do is plug in to TC Electronics’ website, and within seconds, you have that exact setting at the flip of a switch.

Versatility – It’s a chorus pedal, which usually means you’re stuck with limited options for tone shaping. But the knob controls have a surprising amount of range, and the TonePrint feature means you can find just about any chorus effect you’re looking for.

Power supply – This pedal might be one of the easiest pedals to change the battery out. It’s not a huge plus, but it is nice when the manufacturer thought of even the little things to make life easier.


Price – It’s a little high for the average chorus pedal’s price range, so look to buy it used, as it does retain its value and functionality pretty well.

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