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TC Electronics ND-1 Nova Best Delay Pedal Review

If you love to tinker with your tone and have as much hands-on customization ability as possible, the TC Electronics ND-1 Nova Delay pedal is the perfect toy for your rig. With so many options and the spot-on emulation that TC Electronics is known for, this awesome delay effects pedal may very well be the only one you’ll ever need.



  • Delay – Controls delay amount, from light reverb to long gaps.
  • Feedback – Sets the number of repeats.
  • Color – This knob is a pretty unique feature. It controls how “digital” or “analog” the effect sounds. Even though the ND-1 is digital in nature, the analog setting does a bang-up job of modeling an analog tape delay sound.
  • Mod – Controls the warble of your tone.
  • Mix – Go from an overpowering dry signal nothing but the wet repeats, and everything in between.
  • Manual/Preset – Choose between nine different presets of your making, or set adjustments on the go in Manual mode.
  • Mod Style – Choose between three settings for how much modulation affects the dry signal.
  • (Delay) Type – Choose from six different delay types: Custom, Dynamic, Reverse, Ping-Pong, Pan, and Slapback.
  • Subdiv(ision) – If you’ve already dialed in the BPM, this control makes sure your delay signals are perfectly aligned with the set time signature. Six preset choices here mean you can fiddle with one less knob for that perfect rhythmic delay.
  • Tap Tempo – Whichever of your limbs keeps the best time, the ND-1 allows you to use it. The Tap Tempo switch allows you to set the tempo via foot presses or holding down the switch and using your strum pattern.

Digital Readout – A backlit number display lets you see exactly what settings you’re dialing in.

Delay Time – Up to 2290 ms.

Stereo In/Out – Not only can you split your signal into different channels, but in dual delay mode, you can have different settings for either side.

Power – Uses a 12V DC power adaptor (no battery option).


Versatility – 9 programmable presets, 6 delay types, 5 adjustment knobs, 6 preset rhythm subdivisions, 3 preset mod settings, analog-to-digital tweakability, tap/strum tempo, stereo in/out with separate settings – all of these truly customizable features mean that with a little bit of playtime, the tone you want is yours for the taking.

Excellent Emulation – This delay pedal is indeed digital, but with the sheer amount of tone-shaping customizations available in it, I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find the exact sound you’re looking for. The analog/digital “color” knob is surprisingly effective, allowing for high quality lo-fi analog emulation or spacey, clean digital tone.

Ease of Use – Don’t be fooled: for the delay novice, the ND-1 does require quite a bit of learning to get the most use out of it. However, for what this pedal can do, TC Electronics has made it incredibly intuitive and easy to figure out, especially with a quick thumb-through of the manual. Some light research will go a long way with this pedal.


Preset Accessibility – While the ND-1 has plenty of programmable preset memory for different delay settings, the ability to access them on the fly is not quite as intuitive as I’d like for a gigging pedal. It’s fine if you simply have to change settings between songs, but for mid-song switches, a few extra on-board preset footswitches like the ones on the Line 6 DL-4 would be exceptionally helpful.

Power – The pedal does use a 12V DC power adaptor and does not have a battery power option, so if the ND-1 is going on your rig, keep in mind that it will need a dedicated amount of power.

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