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Red Witch Violetta Best Delay Pedal Review

The Red Witch Violetta delay pedal is one of the most interesting delays on the market. While most other delays have a host of extra features in a huge casing, the Violetta is simple, sleek, and packs a solid digital model of an analog delay in a chrome casing that fits in the palm of your hand (or that unused nook of your pedalboard). It also is one of the few rechargeable pedals on the market – and is surprisingly reliable. Although rather new, many see the Violetta as one of the best delay pedals for the money.



  • Delay – Controls how much space is between the repeated signals. The Violetta sports up to 1000ms of delay time.
  • Mix – This sets how much of your dry signal comes through with your wet signal. Crank it all the way, and your attack is taken out of the mix. Roll off it, and no delay is in your wet signal.
  • Mod – This knob adjusts how much of a tape-like warble you add to your signal. The high setting stretches your pitch in a very noticeable way, while the low setting keeps just a hint of modulation in your tone.
  • Repeat – Controls how many repeats are made of the signal. Dime it for infinite repeats (and probably some feedback loops), or lower it for a nice self-oscillation effect.

Expression pedal support – It’s a little surprising that Red Witch was actually able to fit another input into such a small casing. Hook an expression pedal up for some real-time control of the delayed repeats.

Power – Uses a DC 9V adaptor or an internal rechargeable battery to power. The lithium battery, after the initial half-day charge, takes about four hours to fully charge.


Power Supply – The Violetta has a rechargeable battery that is actually useful. It takes four hours to charge, but it will last a couple of weeks of solid daily use before requiring another charge. This feature really comes in handy on a board with limited power options.

Size – Another feature that comes in handy on a cramped pedalboard. It takes up even less space than your average pedal’s real estate.

Price – It’s compact, and it does what it does very well, so it’s nice that the price tag reflects what you get out of it.

Durability – The chrome casing can get scratched if you’re not careful, but that’s about all that will happen to this sturdy little footprint.

Sound – Sure, it’s a digital delay, but you won’t be able to tell from a crowd. Whatever Red Witch is doing to model their effects here, it’s working.


Simplicity – The Violetta does not come with a ton of delay-related bells and whistles. It’s small, it sets a delay into your chain, and that’s about it. If you like to create ambient pads or wash your signal with a ton of delay effects, you’re better served finding a more versatile pedal or using this one as a secondary delay to something else.

No Stereo In/Out – This feature is usually a staple of delays, but once again, this pedal is made for size, not versatility. You can’t split your signal from here.

No Speed Control for Mod Setting – This is probably the most frustrating missing component in this pedal. It is nice that you can modulate the signal, but having it tied directly to the delay setting seriously limits how effective that modulation is.

Digital Delay – Don’t be fooled by the website; though Red Witch makes analog effects pedals, this one is digital. That being said, it does an incredible job of converting your signal without making it sound fake.

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