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MXR Carbon Copy Analog Best Delay Pedal Review

The MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay pedal provides a gorgeous analog delay effect for your tone without taking up a lot of space. This pedal works great at the end of a chain to sweeten up your already-existing tone or lay down a warm ambient pad for the rest of the band to play on. If you’re looking for a dependable analog delay, the M169 is a great choice.



  • Regen – Controls how many signal repeats occur before total decay. As with most delay pedals, cranking this knob can result in some rough feedback loops, so pay attention to where this knob is pointed.
  • Mix – This knob adjusts how much of your dry signal is affected by the M169. Dime it for zero initial signal, or keep it barely above its lowest setting for a warm reverb-like effect.
  • Delay – This control adjusts the amount of time between repeated signals.

Modulation Switch – This switch colors your tone with a little bit of tape echo-like warble. Though it is only on or off on the external pedal controls, there are two internal trim pots that can be toyed with to adjust the width of the modulation.

20-600 ms of delay time – It’s not a lot of time, but since it is analog, the relatively short time on repeats is to be expected.

True Bypass – This feature is great to have on an analog delay; if you don’t want the disengaged pedal to negatively color your tone, it will happily stay out of the way.

Power – Uses one 9V battery or 9V AC adaptor to power.


True Analog – It’s hard to find a decent, true analog delay pedal, but for the money, the M169 has clear, beautiful analog sound. The echoes are perfect representations of the dry signal. The Mod is an emulation, so that added effect is technically not true analog; even so, the modulation still sounds like an amazing tape echo quiver.

Size – Thankfully, MXR didn’t take up a lot of room in providing a true analog delay pedal. The M169 takes up the average-size pedal’s footprint, so if you want some decent analog delay without cramping your pedalboard, this pedal is a great way to go.

Durability – You could toss an MXR pedal out a two-story window and it would still keep on working as well as the day you bought it. This pedal will last as long as you like it in your chain. (Note: don’t actually throw this pedal or any other out a window.)


Lack of Depth – 600 ms is not a ton of delay time, yet that’s all the M169 has to offer. If you need long, drawn-out delay or sustain, look elsewhere; you’ll probably be able to find something in the same price range with more depth (though not necessarily true analog).

Modulation Adjustment – It’s actually a good thing that a pedal this size has the option to adjust the modulation – it’s just a minor hassle to get to them on this pedal. The adjustable pots for the mod setting are internal, which means you’ll have to open the pedal to get to them.

No Stereo Input/Output – Stereo I/O is somewhat of a staple for most delay pedals these days, yet the M169 does not support stereo hookups. Once again, this is a straightforward analog pedal, so don’t buy this pedal for a lot of bells and whistles.

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