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MXR M134 Stereo Best Chorus Pedal Review

The MXR M-134 Stereo Chorus pedal gives your tone that multi-instrument sound you’ve been looking for. Sure, chorus pedals gets a bad reputation in gear forums sometimes, but the M-134 is not one of those bad effects the gear heads are talking about. Unlike a lot of other chorus pedals that thin out your tone and make it sound fake, this pedal can help shape your tone almost any way you like.


Bass/Treble Controls – These knobs EQ only the modulated tone and do not affect your dry signal.

Rate/Width/Intensity Controls – The Rate and Width knobs let you tailor the modulated signal to your liking, whether you’re going for watery or shimmery.

Stereo Output – The mono output works great on this pedal, but to really fatten your tone, the stereo output feature is a must-use.

Bass Filter button – Some chorus pedals take out a lot of the lower frequencies, and this pedal is no exception – except for this button. When activated, the chorus effect is only applied to the high end, which means your tone can gain that shimmer without becoming too piercing. This feature alone makes the M-134 stand way out from other chorus pedals.


Analog – The M-134 is not a digital emulator; it is true analog, which means it will not transform your signal into a bunch of zeroes and ones like many other chorus pedals. You don’t need to worry about sounding like your neighbor’s kid’s garage band – those digital effects are not here.

Versatility – As far as chorus pedals go, the M-134 packs a lot of bang for your buck. The Rate and Width knobs allow a lot of variety and range for the added effect, and the Intensity knob lets you choose just how much that dry signal will be changed at the output. You can also EQ the modulated output even further with the Bass and Treble knobs, which is a huge perk. From the classic rock shimmer of Boston or Rush to the 90’s grunge of Nirvana, or even the modern techno-funk of Daft Punk, the M-134 can handle whatever you throw its way.

Responsive – Whatever tone you are going for, this pedal is quick to the draw. Lag time from dry to wet signal is negligible, if not non-existent.


Size – This chorus pedal does have a lot of really workable features, but the tradeoff is pedalboard real estate. It’s not overly large, but it will take up a good bit of space on smaller boards, especially for a chorus effect. If you really like having chorus in your tone, then it’s definitely worth the space, but if you don’t use it very often and have limited space, a smaller pedal might be the way to go.

Power Consumption – This pedal does take 18V AC to power, which means it will be a power suck on your board and will most likely need its own power source or a power conditioner. It does have the option of using two 9V batteries, though, so unless you’re using this effect for a whole gig, the batteries might be a good option to use.

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