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Fulltone OCD Best Overdrive Pedal Review

The Fulltone Obsessive Compulsive Drive (or OCD for short) is one of the most versatile overdrive pedals on the market. Whether you want to enhance your tube amp’s natural overdrive, give your tone a grittier feel, or simply boost your dry signal through a pedal chain, the OCD can almost certainly handle whatever your needs may be.


True Bypass – If you don’t need the overdrive pedal for a section, leave it off and don’t worry about any annoying hums or buzzes – your dry signal will be sent through the pedal unaffected.

9V Battery Connection – This option is a good backup in case anything goes wrong. A battery probably shouldn’t be your primary power source for this pedal, however. It will get drained in the span of one or maybe two heavy-use gigs.

High Peak/Low Peak Switch – The HP setting gives your tone a beautiful crunch. The range of sound also increases on this setting, though the pedal does perform noticeably better with higher power inputs. The LP setting works great for a clean signal boost, especially with the volume knob cranked and the drive knob turned down.

Volume/Drive/Tone Knobs – If you’re using this pedal as a clean boost, the volume knob is your best friend. It is capable of boosting up to 30dB. The overdrive control works best with those tube amps that don’t have a good overdriven sound of their own. It gives a very distinct crunch perfect for blues or loud rock-and-roll. The tone affects mostly the higher-end frequencies, and cranking it will give you a great pop in solos.


Compact design – If your pedalboard is getting a bit cramped, the OCD’s small size might save you some headaches.

Versatility – Do you need a simple volume boost from your board to your amp without muddying your tone? Stick a dedicated power source on this pedal, and the high power setting will boost the signal through to the amp easily. Its relatively clean boosting capabilities will also help maximize the natural crunch you get from your amp tubes. If your tubes don’t quite have the overdriven sound you’re looking for, you can use the pedal’s drive capability to add its own grit before the signal hits the amp.

Sound Quality – Whatever tone you are trying to get, this overdrive pedal, unlike some, will NOT muddy your sound. You can add all the crunch you want, too, and it still will sound pristine.


Power Input Location – The adaptor input is located on the long output side of the pedal rather than at the top like many other pedals. If you’re using a 1SPOT, then you may have to skip a connection to make it work. It’s a minor annoyance, but one worth mentioning.

Power Consumption – The OCD works just fine at 9 volts, but to really unlock its full potential, it needs at least 12, and can handle up to 18 volts. To get that kind of juice, you’ll need more than a simple 1SPOT; either a dedicated power source or a very good power conditioner is a must. If you’re already using a lot of power on your board, then this could be problematic.

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