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EHX Stereo Polychorus XO Best Chorus Pedal Review

The EHX Polychorus XO is one of the best-sounding and most versatile analog chorus pedals available. It has four very different types of chorus effects with a wide range of versatility on each setting. If you like to tinker with your tone, the Polychorus XO will let you do exactly that for days on end.


4 Chorus Effects – Choose from Double Track, Analog Chorus, Flange, or Filter Matrix.

Controls – The Polychorus has separate knobs to adjust Feedback, Tune/Delay (depending on the chorus effect selected; Delay is only used on the DoubleTrack effect), Width, and Sweep Rate. It also has a Sweep Filter selector which, when engaged, liquifies your tone (in a good way, of course). On the Flange setting, this effect becomes a little muddy, so it’s best to keep it off here and use it only for the other settings.

Stereo Output – While it doesn’t have a stereo input, the Polychorus does have the capability to split your wet signal. Works great for creating that surround sound chorus effect.

Power – Uses a 9V AC adaptor for a power supply. There is no option for a battery input.


Versatility – Unlike a lot of other chorus pedals that sport a ton of options that all sound only marginally different from each other, the four effects choices on this pedal are four truly different effects. Double Track essentially adds a minor delay to your tone. Analog Chorus gives you exactly that: true analog chorus. The Flange setting is as good as any standalone flange pedal, and the Filter Matrix adds some bottom end to your chorus effect, giving your wet signal some ground to stand on. This pedal may be big, but for what it delivers, it really saves some space on your pedalboard if you use all the effects regularly.

Sound – The Polychorus is true analog, and it shows. All of the sounds on it are rich and deliver exactly what they say they will. This pedal delivers high quality on every setting.

Durability – Electro-Harmonix makes one sturdy pedal. The metal casing on this chorus ensures that you can travel everywhere with it and not worry about it getting damaged.


Complicated – For all its versatility, you’d think that EHX would include a solid manual. There is one online, but it’s not very user-friendly if you don’t already have a working knowledge of how a chorus, flange, or delay pedal works. Be prepared to do some research and toying around.

Size – This pedal delivers a lot of options, so it’s no surprise that it takes up a lot of space on a pedalboard. Make sure to use all of its effects to justify the extra real estate usage, or you’re better off finding a smaller pedal.

Price – The Polychorus is one of the better chorus pedals on the market, but it comes with a steep price tag – presumably because of its analog nature. It’s a worthwhile investment if you use a lot of chorus, but you’ll be getting the best use of your money by being diligent on the used gear sites.

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