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EHX Metal Muff Best Distortion Pedal review

The Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff is the epitome of a truly metal distortion pedal. With plenty of high end gain and controls to help shape every bit of your distorted tone, this distortion effects pedal will let you shred in practically any way you see fit.



  • Volume – Controls the level of the output signal.
  • Top Boost – If you’re going to shred some wild solos with the Top Boost engaged, make sure to fiddle with this knob before taking it live. Left unchecked, the Top Boost can wreak havoc on tone, so knowing where to set this knob is crucial to making the Metal Muff work for you.
  • 3 EQ Controls – To get the perfect distortion out of the Metal Muff, these three knobs are going to be your best friends. It sports the ability to individually control the Treble, Mid, and Bass frequencies.
  • Distortion – This knob controls how much gain affects the dry signal. Crank it for some gnarly grit, or keep it around 11 o’clock to throw a healthy amount of dirt on your tone.

Bypass Footswitch – This is essentially the main footswitch. It’s oddly labelled as “bypass” instead of on/off.

Top Boost Footswitch – Electro-Harmonix was thoughtful enough to include a footswitch toggle for the Top Boost feature. It’s a great way to duck in and out of those high-end shredder solos.

Power – Uses a 9V DC power supply or 9V battery (included when purchased new).


Customization – This pedal has a huge advantage over other distortions on the market: three highly sensitive EQ knobs. It’s normally a pain to get gritty, distorted metal shred without screaming on the high end. The fact that you can tweak the highs, mids, and lows on the Metal Muff with astonishing precision makes this petal perfect for the metalhead with an ear for great tone.

Durability – The Metal Muff is built to take a beating and keep on delivering solid distortion no matter what. It’s solid metal (pun intended), and stories abound in various reviews of people kicking, dropping, and even running over their Metal Muffs with no ill effects on the pedal’s performance.

Price – The “new” price tag isn’t exactly a plus, but because of this pedal’s extremely durable nature, buying it used is almost always a safe bet. You can normally find one on eBay for half the original price. Then again, a used pedal may not have the warranty – or the battery.


High End Sound Issues – The Metal Muff is most definitely a metal distortion pedal. Cranking the treble knob past about halfway will result in some shrill, ear-piercing unpleasantries if you’re not careful. The Top Boost has a similar effect. In a loud multi-instrument setting, the extra high end can certainly help your sound cut through the mix, but be careful not to overpower everyone completely.

No True Bypass – This pedal does have a slight hum in the background even while it’s off. Once again, the hum shouldn’t be a problem in loud settings, but for more delicate work, the Metal Muff may provide more distraction than aid.

Size – It’s built like a tank, and about the size of one, too. If pedalboard real estate is an issue, Electro-Harmonix does have a smaller version, but in the two pedal’s case, you get what you pay for. Going for the smaller pedal will mean sacrificing a little durability and a lot of tweakability.

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