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EHX Deluxe Memory Boy Analog Best Delay Pedal Review

The EHX Memory Boy Deluxe Analog Delay is the younger, smaller, yet still very capable brother of Electro-Harmonix’s legendary Memory Man Deluxe Delay pedal (which is a great delay effects pedal). It’s a flexible pedal that gives you plenty of solid delay options for a great, workable price.



  • Blend – This knob controls how much of the dry and wet signal come through. When cranked to the right, you won’t hear the initial attack, but you’ll hear the first delayed repeat of the signal later (depending on your delay setting).
  • Gain – Surprisingly, if you turn this control all the way up and the blend all the way down, you can use the Memory Boy as a decent boost.
  • Rate – This affects how often in a given time the signal repeats.
  • Depth – This knob affects how steep or shallow the modulated waves are. Tweak this knob for some seriously electronic tones.
  • Feedback – Careful with this knob. Crank it too much, and you’ll get a nasty feedback whine from your amp. Moderation is key here.
  • Delay – This is the whole reason you use this pedal, right? Choose how much your signal is delayed with this switch. This knob has a pretty useful range, which is great for varied tempo sets.

Expression pedal input – If you have an expression pedal, the Deluxe Memory Boy supports it. Plug it in to get easy access to on-the-fly delay saturation.

Tap tempo – This is a popular feature of most decent delay pedals. You can use this footswitch to manually set the tempo for your delays. This feature really comes in handy when your drummer decides to mess with their bandmates and change tempos mid-song.

Built-in effects loop – This feature comes in handy when you want a separate set of effects to go along with your tone. When plugged through here, you can choose whether the original dry signal or the Memory-Boy-affected signal goes through the selected chain of effects. This gives you some fun sound options to play with.


Effective – For what the Deluxe Memory Boy is – an accessible version of a normally-inaccessible pedal – it does an admirable job of living up to its expectations. Even when considered apart from its brother, it is a stand-out delay pedal. If you are in the market for a dependable delay, you will not regret using this pedal.

Price – While it is a relatively expensive pedal, when compared to its older, legendary counterpart, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. If you don’t want to shell out for the Deluxe Memory Man but still want most of the capabilities, EHX did a pretty solid job of making the Memory boy an affordable alternative.

Analog – This pedal, thankfully, does not convert your signal to digits. Keep the tone your worked hard to dial in and multiply it however you want.


Power Supply – There is no battery option here, presumably because this pedal needs more juice to operate than a measly 9V battery can provide. Look into getting a dedicated power source or a solid power conditioner; you’ll need it.

Not a Memory Man – If you’re looking for an exact replica of the original Deluxe Memory Man, this simply is not it. It will not have all the bells and whistles that its older brother touts. For what the pedal is, this isn’t a huge con, but it does need to be stated.

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