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EHX Cathedral Stereo Best Reverb Pedal

The Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb pedal gives you all the options you could want to find that perfect reverberated sound. With eight different reverb settings, customizations for each setting, and even a preset-loading function, you can bet that you’ll be able to dial in the reverb that fits your guitar playing to a tee.


8 different reverbs to choose from: Grail Spring (for fans of the famous Holy Grail spring reverb emulation), Accu Spring, Hall, Room, Plate, Reverse, Grail Flerb (a flange/reverb combination originally found on the Holy Grail), and Echo. You can also program your own reverb setting and store it in a preset.


  • Blend – Controls how much of the dry signal is sent through without being affected by the Cathedral. Crank it to wash out your signal entirely.
  • Reverb Time – Adjust how long the chosen reverb effect stays in the mix. Turned on slightly, it adds a hint of effect for sweetened leads. When dimed, it essentially creates an infinite reverb effect. It’s easier to use the infinite setting on the Tap Tempo than to keep this knob cranked and risk some rough feedback.
  • Damping/Tone – Allows you to refine the tone on each reverb setting.
  • Feedback – This knob works well with the Echo preset. You can set how many reverberant echoes are in the wet signal.
  • Pre-Delay – This controls how much time is between the dry signal and the repeated effect of the reverb. The Cathedral has up to two seconds of pre-delay memory. It’s recommended that you use the Tap Tempo for the pre-delay, as it will be a bit more accurate and less painstaking to dial it in with your personal rhythm.

Tap Tempo – Using the Tap Tempo is a must for dialing in the pre-delay time, or you can hold it for infinite reverb.

Stereo Input/Output – Split your signal into left and right channels for a true surround sound effect.

Power – Uses a 9V DC power supply. No battery option is available.


Options – The Cathedral is made for the guitarist who can’t make up their mind on one single reverb. This pedal delivers solid emulations of just about every kind of reverb you could want. For a guitarist just getting into reverb effects, this pedal is a great starting point for hearing the differences between the types of reverb available.

Improved Holy Grail Settings – Fans of the Holy Grail will dig the improvements Electro-Harmonix made on the classic effects. They are true to the original emulations and have more tweakability than their separate pedal counterpart.


Digital – This reverb pedal will convert your signal to a digital model. While it is a 24-bit conversion, it can sound a little fake at higher levels. This pedal is best used for gigging over recording.

Price – You get a lot of options with the Cathedral, but they don’t come cheap. If you use a lot of different reverbs, then the Cathedral will save you space and money, but if you find that only one or two settings are what you’re looking for, then look for an analog reverb that does what you like instead.

Power – It needs its own dedicated power source and doesn’t have the option of using a battery. Make sure you’ve got the spare juice to keep this thing working.

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