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Digitech CR-7 Hardwire Stereo Best Reverb Pedal Review

The Digitech RV-7 Hardwire Stereo Reverb pedal is a pretty decent digital reverb pedal. For its compact size, it has a good selection of effects that work well in conjunction with other effects so as not to muddy your tone.


Lexicon Reverb Types – This reverb pedal has a great selection of reverb emulations to choose from (seven, to be exact; hence the name):

  • Room – Gives your tone that “small room” sound, perfect for sweetening a lead line.
  • Plate – Also great for solos, it warms a tone to emulate that old-school recording feel.
  • Reverse – A fun effect that makes your signal start quiet, then gradually build in volume. Try it for a space-like or ethereal vibe.
  • Modulated – Not your typical reverb setting, but fun to play around with if you want a somewhat digitized sound.
  • Gated – The decay is cut off abruptly. Works very well for setting a percussive rhythm if you don’t have a drumbeat to do so.
  • Hall – Like playing in an auditorium. This setting does sound a little digital at higher settings, but works very well when used minimally.
  • Spring – Even better than the “room” setting for sweetening that lead. Keeps the attack to a minimum. This setting is a personal favorite.

True Bypass – This pedal won’t affect your tone if you don’t want it to, but still need to keep it in your chain. More than likely, though, this reverb pedal will stay on for most of your playtime, as it works best in your chain for fine-tuning the tone you already have.

Stereo Input/Output – Put simply, you can split a signal into different left/right outputs. Great if you use multiple amps.

Stomplock Guard – This is a small piece of plastic that comes with the pedal new. It keeps a stray foot from accidentally changing the settings. For a reverb pedal like this one, the Stomplock is great: make your settings before a gig starts, turn it on, cover it, and let loose worry-free.

Power Supply – The pedal takes 9V DC power, but works great on a 9V battery as well. It also doesn’t use too much power, so a battery will work in multiple gigs as long as you keep an eye on it about once every few weeks.


Multiple Reverb Options in a Compact Size – Seven working options in one small pedal? This is a great reverb pedal option if pedalboard economy is an issue for you.

Stereo I/O – This feature is great for playing around with different sounds. Want to split your signal through two different amps? No problem. This feature takes a lot of playing around to get good use of it, but pays off well for the gear junkie.

Durability – With an all-metal construction, this pedal can take a beating and keep on delivering the effects it gave from the first day out of the box.


Emulation – Make no mistake: this reverb pedal is most definitely digital, not analog, so if you’re expecting a perfect spring reverb emulator or anything like that, look elsewhere. At higher settings, you will definitely notice a digital quality to your tone. This pedal works better at lower settings as a small tweak to your tone, not a primary effect.

Price – For the “New” price point, there are more digital reverb pedals out there with varied options. This pedal gives the most bang for your buck if you can find it used.

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