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Digitech CR-7 Hardwire Stereo Best Chorus Pedal Review

The Digitech CR-7 Hardwire Stereo Chorus pedal is one of the warmest and most versatile chorus pedals available. With seven very accurate chorus models to choose from, you’ll be able to get that perfect chorus effect to color your tone with ease and reliability.


7 Chorus Effects – The CR-7 sports seven different chorus models: Studio, Modern, Multi-Chorus, Jazz, Analog (my favorite; it’s extremely accurate), Boutique, and Vintage. All of them sound incredibly true to the chorus they are modeled after.

Controls – Aside from the Chorus Effect selector for the aforementioned chorus models, this pedal has three other controls:

  • Level – Change how much the chorus effect wets your signal. Keep it low to just barely sweeten your sound, or crank it to multiply your signal exponentially.
  • Speed – This knob adjusts how fast the chorus effect wavers. Go from almost nil wavering to a high-speed jangly tone and everything in-between.
  • Depth – When cranked, this control gives your tone a large, sweeping warble. Honestly, this pedal is at its best when this effect is cranked at least past 50%.

Stereo Input and Output – If you want to input two different signals to this effect or keep a split to make some stereo surround sound, this pedal has the hookups to keep that option on the table.

True Bypass – Rest assured that when this pedal is off, it stays out of your tone. The CR-7 will send your signal through as dry as it went in.

Uses one 9V battery or a PS200R power adaptor – The CR-7 is “high voltage,”which means it can pump its effect out without clipping, giving you plenty of headroom to work in. It also means that it will take some juice to power, so skip the battery and plug it in if you can.

StompLock Guard – If you buy Digitech pedals new, they come with a piece of plastic designed to keep you from accidentally stomping a setting out of whack when you don’t mean to. It’s useful if you don’t plan on doing any adjustments during a gig, but minorly annoying to work around otherwise.


Sound – The Digitech CR-7 is about the best modeling you can get of chorus effects from a digital pedal. Warm, warbling, jangly, bright – whatever tone you’re looking for, this pedal works with you and not against you to make it happen.

Versatility – The CR-7 may be simply a chorus pedal, but it gives you all the chorus options you could possibly need in one compact pedal.

Durability – Digitech does well with their pedals. An all-metal case and a wide, accessible foot switch allow you to put this pedal through the wringer with no ill effects on its performance.


Digital Model – This is the worst complaint I could come up with for this pedal, and really, you’ll only hear diehard analog advocates say anything about it. If you didn’t see this pedal and only heard it, chances are you’d think it was true analog chorus. At any rate, it does convert your signal into zeroes and ones, so consider yourself forewarned.

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