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Boss CE-5 Best Chorus Pedal Review

The Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble may seem like a basic chorus pedal, but it has a depth that can’t be matched. Its simplicity allows you to create a stunning, room-filling chorus effect without muddying it with extra bells and whistles. If you want a chorus that does its job well and stays out of the way, the CE-5 is the way to go.



  • Effect Level – Controls how much the effect wets the original signal.
  • Rate – Set the amount of vibrato or “waviness” in the effect. Turn it all the way up for some sci-fi spookiness, or keep it low for some subtle adjustments.
  • Depth – This knob affects the pitch modulation of the wet signal. When cranked, it produces a warbling effect for some crazy tone experiments.
  • Filter – The Filter control on the CE-5 is unique among chorus pedals in that you can adjust your bass and treble through the one knob. Normally, it would be more effective to have separate controls for the high end and low end, but in this pedal, the blend of the two is surprisingly intuitive. Unless you absolutely have to have control of your EQ’s in separate knobs, it’s really easy to let the CE-5 work for you.

Stereo Output – While it doesn’t have an option for stereo input, you can use this pedal to split your dry signal into stereo if you so desire. Boss is known for quality, so if you need to split your signal, this pedal is an excellent way to do so.

Power – Uses one 9V battery or an AC adaptor.


Flexibility – Versatility is a must in a chorus pedal, and while the CE-5 may not have a bunch of different chorus models to choose from, the effect it has can be adjusted in almost any way you need. The controls are also very responsive, so a small twist can have quite the effect on your tone.

Ease of Use – Boss trimmed down the excess baggage found on a lot of other chorus pedals. There are only four knobs to turn on this pedal, and they are all you need to make this chorus effect your own.

Durability – Like all Boss pedals, the CE-5 is built to last. If you’re in the market for a long-term chorus pedal, this one is a great choice.

Price – You get a solid chorus pedal for under three figures in the CE-5 – and that’s for a brand new model. Not too shabby a deal.


Digital – The newest models of this pedal are digital. but that wasn’t always the case. The versions made before 2001 were made with analog circuitry, so if you can get your hands on an older CE-5, go for it. Some tone purists claim that the analog versions sound better, but the general consensus is that the newer versions hold their own quite well in live settings.

Power – If you want to use the battery-powered option on this pedal, make sure to pack a few backups. Unless you use this pedal sparingly, it will eat away at your power. Use a dedicated power source if you can.

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