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Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Overdrive Pedal Review

Voodoo Lab has created one of the most versatile overdrive pedals on the market in the . The Sparkle Drive provides everything from a 100% clean boost to the gritty wail of a vintage TS-808. Its unique ability to layer clean and overdriven amp sounds makes it

Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Pedal Review

The  (which somehow stands for Super Overdrive instead of Super Drive?) is a classic overdrive and boost pedal and one of the best overdrive pedals. While it isn’t the most versatile pedal in the world, you will certainly see it on a lot of famous pedalboards. That’s

Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal Review

The  (or OCD for short) is one of the most versatile overdrive pedals on the market. Whether you want to enhance your tube amp’s natural overdrive, give your tone a grittier feel, or simply boost your dry signal through a pedal chain, the OCD can almost certainly

Ibanez TS808 Overdrive Pedal Review

The  (TS stands for Tube Screamer) is one of the most sought after overdrive pedals in the world. Original TS808s sell for several hundreds of dollars used. The circuitry used to make the original model of this pedal in the late seventies was so groundbreaking that it

Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde Overdrive Pedal Review

The  is a two-headed monster of a pedal. In one (relatively cool-looking) pedal, you get a pretty decent TS-808 reproduction and the other gives your tone some fat distorted qualities. Add some well-rounded customization to both sides, and you’ve got all the gain you’ll ever need, and