If you have ever asked what the best chorus pedal is on gear forums, then I’m sure you know that the answers vary from person to person. Like all other pedals, it’s subjective to your tastes, style and gear. What we’ve gone ahead and done was put together a list and reviews on some of the more highly touted chorus pedals available on the market. Ones with great features, good sound and offered at an exceptional price point. Check out the chorus pedal chart below.

Best Chorus Pedal List

EHX Stereo Polychorus XO Pedal$$$$4.8Click Here for Review
Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble$$4.7Click Here for Review
DigiTech CR-7 HardWire Stereo Chorus$$$4.6Click Here for Review
TC Electronics Toneprint Corona Best Chorus Pedal

TC Electronics TonePrint Corona Chorus

$$4.3Click Here for Review
MXR M134 Stereo Chorus Pedal$$$4.2Click Here for Review

Price Guide:
$ – Under $50
$$ – $50-$135
$$$ – $135-$200
$$$$ – Over $200

What is a Chorus Pedal?

Chorus is one of the most interesting sound effects for electric guitars. It creates a duplicate of the original, or “dry”, signal and mixes the cloned signal with the dry signal with a small interval between the two signals in the output to create the sonic illusion of multiple nearly-identical sounds. In one sense, it is similar to a reverb or delay effect in that it repeats the dry signal. With a chorus effect, however, the duplicated signal is tweaked ever so slightly to create a slight warble in the wet signal. The modification causes the chorus effect to be classified as a modulation effect rather than a delay. Think of two people singing the same note, or the paired strings on a mandolin: those combinations are natural chorus effects. The pairings are the same note, but slightly off enough to make the sound seem fuller, richer, and more vibrant.

Chorus pedals usually have a good deal of customization readily available. Most pedals will have a “Depth” knob, which allows the user to add more duplicate signals to the output (like adding more people to a choir). The “Rate” control changes the gap between the repeated signals, making it warble more and sound more full or spread out. Many of the best chorus pedals have stereo inputs and/or outputs. With an effect that is designed to make your singular tone act like many signals working as one, a stereo option for left/right amps is perfect for enhancing that surround-sound effect.

Analog chorus pedals produce a unique, warm shimmering effect. Many tone enthusiasts swear by the old analog chorus pedals. Digital choruses, while not as natural-sounding as their analog cousins, have the added capabilities of pitch modulation to stack on top of the repeated signals. This power gives them a versatility not available in the analog choruses.

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