guitar effects pedalsSimply put, there is no best guitar pedal! With the myriad of pedals out there, players are now inundated with choices. The best guitar pedal for you will be one that fits perfectly into your rig and delivers the tone/effect that you are after. Whether it’s a cheap Joyo or a pricey Eventide, attaining ‘that sound’ is what it’s all about.

To help out a bit with the always tough decision making process, the awesome peeps here at have compiled charts of some of the best guitar effects pedals offered on the market today including unbiased reviews of each and every one of them.

All of the guitar pedals on this site may not be your top of the line favorite boutique ones, but they are most certainly the tried and true pedals in the game. We have done extensive research and sifted through the many guitar pedals available on the market and have put together reviews on some of our top choices. Not only are these our top choices, but these are also the top choices of many guitarists out there, both amateurs and professionals.

PedalsPedal LineupReviews
PedalsPedal LineupReviews
Best Overdrive Pedal

Ibanez TS808

Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive

Fulltone OCD

Boss Super OverDrive SD1

Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde

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Best Distortion Pedal

Proco RAT2

Vox Satchurator

EHX Metal Muff

MXR Distortion+

Wampler Triple Wreck

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Best Delay Pedal

Line 6 DL4

Red Witch Violetta

MXR Carbon Copy

EHX Deluxe Memory Boy

TC Electronics ND-1 Nova

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Best Reverb Pedal

TC Electronics TonePrint Hall of Fame

Boss FRV-1 '63

EHX Cathedral Stereo

Digitech RV-7 Hardwire

Wampler Faux Spring

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Best Chorus Pedal

EHX Stereo Polychorus XO

Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble

Digitech CR-7 Hardwire

TC Electronics TonePrint Corona

MXR M134 Stereo

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If you’re looking to really break up your tubes or just get a nice volume boost for lead, check out our list of the best overdrive effects pedals. Want a little more dirt? Maybe some shredhead metal tones? If so, check out our list of the best distortion pedals.

Our list of the best reverb pedals and best chorus pedals will help you achieve a signature sound in your solos and/or add a smoothness to your clean passages.

And of course, Delay! The best delay effects pedals out there will give you a plethora of models and controls to setup your delay exactly how you like it.

Have a look around. Feel free to ask any questions or contact us if you think your favorite guitar pedal should be included.


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